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01. What is a Salon Suite?

A Salon Suite is a private booth rental. This means you will have your own enclosed private salon area complete with everything you need to have a full running salon of your very own. 

02. How does a Salon Suite work?

With a Salon Suite you don’t have to worry about paying commission to anyone else, what you make is yours to keep. You will have a weekly rental amount to pay and that is all. With Salon Suites you get to make your prices, carry the products you want, and work the hours that you feel are necessary for your business to succeed. 

03. Am I allowed to decorate?

We encourage all of our tenants to decorate the rooms to their liking. We allow painting and decorating as long as the suite is returned to the original condition when you move out.

04. Can I share my Salon Suite?

This is a very common question, we allow you to sublet/share your suite with other salon professionals as long as we have their license information in our office for TDLR regulations. We do not raise your price due to sharing of the suites like others. We know sometimes you need to build your clientele up before being 100% on your own so we encourage you to share with someone you know until you are ready to be completely on your own. 

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